January 31, 2019

 Japan is now only one step away from becoming five times champion of AFC Asian Cup.

The last game against Iran was so tense.

Japan played well and the meager margin in concentration and judgement between two teams' players determined the match.

The existence of Osako-sensyu on the pitch makes the other players move smoothly and the number and quality of passes toward Japanese offensive players from its backward players increase.

All the players of Japan concentrated on every moment.


Tomiyasu-sensyu especially played well.

I can't believe he is only twenty years old and was able to play calmly, bravely and accurately in that big match.

I feel this shows that Japanese football cultivation system from its youth generation is bearing fruit.

I am excited about his future career.


On the final of the convention, Japan opposes Qatar.

They are skillful and speedy and have a striker in extremely top form, Almoez Ali-sensyu.

Moreover, they can cleverly alter their formation to turn the tide depending on the situation in the middle of the game.


On the final, considering the styles of the finalists, which team gets the first goal will be of great importance.

As this is the first time Qatar has advanced to the final, they may be a little nervous at the beginning.

Fifteen minutes from the kick off may be the key time.


Endo-sensyu missing the final is a hard blow for Japan, but I expect Shiotani-sensyu to cover his absence.

This final is the seventh game and therefore players' fatigue will be peak.

I hope the match will become a exciting and historic one.

Go for it, Samurai Blue!

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