There is a big match tonight

Tonight, there is a big football match.

Japan faces Saudi Arabia in the knockout stage of AFC Asian Cup 2019.

Saudi Arabia national team is the football superpower of Middle Eastern and it's skillful style of football is always outstanding in overall Asia.

Since 1998, when I began to watch football, I have watched Saudi Arabia's football many times because it has been always a strong rival for Japan's football.

Sami Al-Jaber, Mohammed Al Deayea, Nawaf Al-Temyat, Mohammad Al-Shalhoub, Yasser Al-Qahtani...I have had many football idols in Saudi Arabia national team.

There was a time where they couldn't perform well and miss the qualification for the World Cup, but they have already been revitalized.

Casting an eye on the recent national team, I think Fahad Al-Muwallad's decision making skills and his ability to implement those decisions practically are above Asian level.

Offensive talents of Saudi Arabia national team are high quality in working well together to penetrate the opponent defense line on attacking third area.

They are full of good talents now.

However, Japan has also many new and promising talents and as Japan national team undergoes intense matches they have been matching more with expert players and then, Japan national team has been becoming more flexible and stronger.

Tonight's match will be a special one.

Samurai Blue's decision and work on the match against Uzbekistan were amazing.

I hope Samurai Blue's strategy will work well in the today's game.

I am certain the game will entertain me.

I can't wait for the kick-off!

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