AFC Asian Cup

AFC Asian Cup is in session now!

AFC Asian Cup is a football competition to determine the football champion of Asia which is held by AFC[Asian Football Confederation] every four years.

Japan has won the title four times out of the last eight competitions, which Japan took part in.

The last time champion is Australia.( They moved to and became a member of AFC in 2006 from OFC[Oceania Football Confederation] so they has been categorized as one of Asian nations on Football.)

Today is the 13th day of the competition and Japan shows up in tonight's match against Uzbekistan.

Tonight, all 16 countries which advance to the knock out tournament stage are determined.

Japan and Uzbekistan have already gotten the thicket to the next round, however tonight's match will be of great importance for both teams.

That is because the match can sway their performance in the next stage in many ways.

Japan and Uzbekistan are in group F, and the remaining match is one for both.

Japan needs to win against Uzbekistan for gaining the first place in this group and all Uzbekistan have to do for the summit of this group is not to lose the tonight match.

The first place in group F confronts Saudi Arabia or Qatar in the knock out round, and the second place faces the last time champion, Australia.

The second place team has a disadvantage of getting a shorter rest compared to Australia( The second place team gets three days for rest and Australia has five days).

Although after overcoming Australia the second place team doesn't have such disadvantage, it is really tough to fight against Australia under that condition.

Even with no disadvantage, it is already tough enough to take a stand against robust Australian football.

The first place team has no disadvantage in the first battle in the tournament, but after that match, the team is supposed to have unfavorable circumstances in conditioning compared to the forth coming opponents.

To begin with, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both skillful and speedy, seem to have been in top forms until now.

It should be averted to confront them without being at best in conditioning.

I guess the coaches of Japan and Uzbekistan football teams are torn between many options they can choose.

Which decision will they go with?

In terms of this respect, tonight's game is also really interesting.

Only looking at the starting line-up, you can see the aims of the both teams.

I suppose that from around here, Japanese national team's condition will turn for the better.

I am looking forward to watching the nice games.

I hope Japan will win back the title and become five times champion!

Go for it, Samurai Blue!

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