Building up

Recently, I have been feeling my English vocabulary has been built up quite a lot.

I am invariably really grateful for the greatness of repetition.

It always helps me.

This time too, it has changed wordbooks which had many words I was unfamiliar with into books that are easy to read for my recreation.

I feel what I get from a TV program with English subscription I occasionally watch has become bigger.

I have come to be able to afford to pay attention to English usage while watching it.

After more repetition and my getting more confidence in having English vocabulary, I am going to have more chances to touch on English sentences in order to reinforce English usage skill to handle them precisely which I will have gotten.

If I could strengthen this skill, I could compose more accurate English sentences in the way they mean exactly what I want to convey to you, and furthermore this may even lead to a breakthrough in my English speaking ability.

I hope that will happen someday.

For that wonderful day to come true, I realize it is imperative for me to accrue every day practices.

Like we enjoy the growth of muscle when working out, I am so excited about feeling the every day growth of English muscle in my brain.

Certainly, there is a long way to go, but l never cease to make headway.

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