The encouragement of keeping your feet warm

It has been severely cold over the past few days.

This time, let me give you one tip for your getting over this severe cold winter without any trouble in health.

"Keep you feet warm and head cool", this phrase has come to appear quite often recently in the media.

Actually, the first half of the phrase is really important.

( The second half doesn't say you need to cool down your head but indicate there is no need to take special steps about your head compared to your feet.

However, trying not to cool your neck is significant as neck has thick blood vessels and cooling neck leads to cold blood circulating over the entire body.

For staying in fit, it is greatly reasonable to not to cool your " Five necks": neck, both wrist, and both ankle. [ In Japanese, they are represented in the s using word "neck" in each name. For example, the right wrist is called like " the right hand neck". ] )

Warming your feet improves the circulation of "KI"(I interpret KI as what makes the flow of your body system including nerve signals blood and circulate properly), the circulation of "KETSU"(KETSU is represented using a character of "blood" in Japanese, but it doesn't just mean blood, it includes, though.)and then the circulation of "SUI"(SUI is represented using a character of "water" in Japanese, but it also doesn't just mean water, it includes, though.).

Then, the improvements of these things in our body can provide us with the dissolution of the stagnation of some troubled part of the body, which leads to us staying in shape.

When your feet are cool, "KI" circulating around your body and susceptible to various forms of stress doesn't descend to the lower part of your body while being disturbed by the cool, thus stagnating on the upper part especially your head.

This can cause a lot of troubles to occur in your body most likely on your weakest point determined by your constitution.

I suppose warming up your feet enables "KI" to come down to the tips of your feet, and then "KETSU" and "SUI" to circulate around your entire body appropriately.

This good circulation gives you a well-balanced condition of your body and can bring you a healthier live.

We need to take some measures to relieve stress that is the root cause of various malfunctions in our body and feeling cold is of course one of stresses.

In the winter, especially under this severe cold surroundings, I firmly believe keeping your feet warm is a really efficient and effective way to relax your body and help your body function well enough.

In my case, as a countermeasure against my feet being cool, I set things for warming my feet on the places under my desks in workplace and home such as an electric heating carpet and a hot-water bottle.

They help me to do more productive works.

I also wear socks in layers.( Please be careful not to over tighten your feet. Within the extent of your comfort.)

Half body bathing or foot bath is also recommended and very practical.

Practicing keeping our feet warm, let's get over the cold winter, which I think is becoming colder and colder, without being in bad shape!

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