We've begun to carry silk goods

We've started to carry silk goods in our shop since the beginning of this week.

Silk is natural fiber composed of protein made from cocoons that silkworms make.

It is a pure protein fiber which consists of hundreds to thousands of approximately 20 kinds of amino acids whose constituent is akin to human skin's, and it has versatile functions convenient and good for human wearing.

Silk has the 1.3 to 1.5 times better water absorbency than cotton, and is comparable to it in the desorption of moisture, so if you perspire, cloths made of silk are unlikely to be sweaty on you, giving off redundant heat from you.

Silk fiber has a structure full of minute holes, which enable it to sustain much air between its fibers.

This unique characteristic gives silk a trait of being warm in winter and cool in summer when we put it on.

Therefore, silk is a suitable material for inner cloths like underwear or socks that are directly on our skin.

Moreover, silk has a function to protect a silkworm in its cocoon from exposing to ultraviolet rays which are also a formidable enemy for human skin.

It is said that silk can cut the most dangerous UV rays for skin such as UVB and UVC absorbing them, and its cutting percentage reaches nearly 90.

It is true that silk goods are quite costly, but I think advantages they bring to us are worth the cost.

Particularly, one advantage they have in lessening stress for the body while sleeping and therefore enhancing the quality of sleep sounds appealing and ,in fact, I feel like it using them.

Oh, am I promoting and praising them a little too much?

You have had an urge to buy them, haven't you?

If you have never tried, you should try them!

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