Arita Autumn Porcelain Festival

We went to "Arita Autumn Porcelain Festival" today.

I had the purpose of getting some good plates and sets of tea cup for café use.

I recommend you should make a list about what you need in advance and stick to it in the festival in principle.

There are numerous kinds of good ceramics at an enormous number of shops in the festival at affordable prices.

Attractive arranged ceramics with reasonable prices sometimes tempt you to buy even what you don't really need.

We went there previously in May of this year when I had't made my mind about what to buy, so I ended up purchasing many things I liked on impulse.

As a result, I got criticized by the owner of KINKAN for getting too many unnecessary ceramics.

This time I've done shopping wisely and I'm satisfied I've got the really necessary ones for using at our café.

The above pictures are photos we took at Arita.

The flowers were so beautiful, and appreciating autumn leaves while strolling was fantastic!

Autumn leaves are at their best now, maybe.

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