Appropriate timing

I have been working on building on my English vocabulary recently reading word books.

Writing " Food For Thought", I've felt I need and want to reinforce my vocabulary more.

In the past, reading such books was such a penance to me and I had never felt it was interesting.

However, the other day, when I just picked up one of such books I had used, it looked to me like treasure trove.

I had so much excitement in reading I forgot about the time for a while.

In response to this experience, I believe now is the time to broaden my handling range of English vocabulary.

I guess from my experiences that when I feel I have a thirst for getting something is the most efficient timing in absorbing new knowledge about that.

Now that I have been eagerly absorbed in getting new vocabulary, the pace at which I post the writing is becoming occasional.

It may continue till I get content with the new level of vocabulary I will build on in this challenge.

For the time being, I will try to repeat the books I am working on 100 times!

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