The origin of our shop's name "KINKAN"

"KINKAN", the main name of our shop, derives from a Japanese famous samurai commander at Sengoku period: the warring states period in the 16th century in Japan.

I have been a big fan of Sengoku period ever since I was given simulation games at 5 years old named "Rekka no gotoku tenka wo tore", conquer the whole country like a flaming fire, and "tenka touitsu", the unification of the whole country, whose stage was based on the period in Japan.

I was deeply into these games and became interested in the period and then got to choose to buy similar games like "Nobunaga no yabou".

Ever since then, I have been keen on reading books and materials and watching dramas and non-fictions about events or persons in this period.

This period has taught and will be teaching me a great deal of things about life, human nature, and so on.

I respect and like hundreds of persons in this period, and the most favorite ones are Imagawa Yoshimoto, Oda Nobunaga, and Akechi Mitsuhide.

Each of them were prominent rulers and, in fact, they killed each other.

There are numerous things I'd like to talk about them, but it will last endlessly so I have to wrap it up here.

Well, then the nickname which it is said that Nobunaga called Mitsuhide is "KINKAN".

There are several rumors for why Nobunaga called so.

One is that the shape of Mitsuhide's head looked like a kumquat.

Another is that KINKAN means a golden brain and Nobunaga highly valued Mitsuhide's intelligence.

And the next one is that "KINKAN" came from "KINKA ATAMA", which means a bald head. That is to say, Mitsuhide had thinning hair!?

There are more, but no one knows what is the truth, which makes history interesting.

It is quite engaging and exciting to build historical figure's image using their surrounding materials and judging from actual actions it is said that they might have taken, while making it consistent.

Anyway, I had respected them and I wanted to include something related to them in the name of our business. The owner had been also passionate about them because I had always been talking about them to her so many times.

Then, we chose "KINKAN" for three reasons.

First, It is related to the most favorite samurai commanders we admire.

Second, It is relevant to "Kanpo" because kumquats are used as an ingredient of herbal medicine and a family emblem Mitsuhide used was characterized by balloon flower, which is also used as an ingredient. You can see it on the upper right part of our emblem.

Lastly, It's easy and familiar to remember and rhythmical when called in the form of "KINKAN-KENKOKAN".

Although very rarely we are called "KINKONKAN"or something, we actually like this name.

We will do our best to live up to our name "KINKAN"!

I love talking about the history of Sengoku period.

If you are interested in, shall we talk about the romantic history at our café?

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