V-Varen lost the big match

I went to watch a football match day before yesterday at Tosu, Saga.

This match between Sagan Tosu and V-Varen Nagasaki had a grave meaning for both teams struggling to cling to J-1 League.

It was a perfect day for football.

Although it was quite before the game when I and my friends arrived, there were already a great many supporters who were sending a big cheer to their respective favorite team around the stadium.

Best amenity stadium, the home stadium of Sagan Tosu, is a football-specific stadium and the distance from audience seats to the pitch is close enough to feel immersed at the plays on the pitch.

I heard that "The president Takata", the owner of V-Varen Nagasaki, has just decided to build a new football-specific stadium with various amenities including a gorgeous hotel from which rooms you can see the match on the stadium in Nagasaki city by 2023.

I'm really looking forward to watching the game at the new cutting edge stadium!

Well, as for the match...

In the first half, V-Varen got through attacks of Sagan and fought well against with cheers from supporters having surged from Nagasaki.

V-Varen managed to hold Fernando Torres, ex-Spanish national player and one of the most famous strikers on the globe, mainly due to the hard and technical work of Jordy Buijs, V-Varen's defense leader.

Then, in the second half, the game was still going on like a seesaw battle for a while, but when V-Varen's pressing for opponent ball holders becomes slightly less active, Sagan passed and linked the ball skillfully and finally broke up the tie.

After allowing a goal, V-Varen, which had to win the game, showed intensively successive attacks and made many chances to score, but all the shoots of V-Varen finally couldn't be over the goal line due to the efforts of Sagan's solid defense line.

It was certain that Gonda, Sagan's goalkeeper and MOM of this match, did fine saves many times and deserved the MOM, but I think player of Sagan no.33 played a more decisive role.

Because of him keeping tough against V-Varen's offense in tussling, V-Varen couldn't play as planned and take the initiative in the offense.

So, V-Varen lost the big match and this lost means It is difficult to remain taking part in J-1 League from the next season.

Oh dear. What a pity thing it is.

On coming back to Nagasaki, we soon went for drink to ease our sorrow.

There are three matches remaining. I want my favorite team to fight them out till the last minute! Go for it, V-Varen!

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