One of my dental nerves gone

November 3, 2018


Although I was saying "I'd like to manage to maintain the remaining teeth" a little while ago, as a matter of fact I've lost another one yesterday!

I had to have it taken out due to a severe pain. Well then, this is my second time I experience the death of my tooth.

To make matters worse, the tooth whose nerve was taken out this time was a molar.

I wanted to keep it because a molar is likely to get the strongest pressure when we eat something hard to bite or we put much power on something, which means a molar without the nerve is easier to break than any other tooth.

I'm shocked at the fact that I've lost it only at 31 years old.


The dentist kindly showed me my nerve taken out and it was bigger than I had thought.

Watching the nerve, I thought my body would get into a panic due to the loss of such a big nerve and then, in the night of that day, just as expected, my limbs got dull and little sore and I felt chilly. 

It was like a typical symptom before getting cold, so I took some herbal medicine suitable for my situation and some propolis, and went to bed keeping myself warm.

It made me firmly sweat and when I woke up, that strange symptom was gone away.


It seems that after you got injured badly, got a cut by a scalpel, or like this time, lost a part of your nerve, your body's way of balancing could change and in the most extreme case, your constitution can change.

My body adapting completely to the change occurred this time may take some more time.

Thinking about something like this is interesting but a little scary.

We have to cherish our own teeth more seriously for our health!


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