Another cake sign unveiled

October 29, 2018


Yesterday, one of my friends gave me another cake sign for our shop.

What a powerful stroke, I like it! 

When this sign shows up in front of our shop, it means the chocolate cake is available.

I have just now baked a new one, so the sign will be unveiled from tomorrow.

This time, I've made a bitterer one. When you take a bite, your mouth will be filled with a rich cacao flavor! I hope you like it!


By the way, due to a toothache I've had for a couple of days, I went to see the dentist near our shop. I was diagnosed with dental hypersensitivity.

The treatment finished soon and now I'm feeling better.

However, if the ache gets more severe, I may have to have my nerve of the tooth taken out.

I don't know whether this is at a good pace or bad, but I've lost just one nerve of the tooth so far. I'd like to manage to maintain the remaining teeth until the time has come when I am no longer able to eat anything.


Toothache in the night is a nightmare.

If I were able to go back to the past and tell myself only one thing , I might advise myself to cherish my teeth as much as I can.

On second thought, I might advise me " you should touch English more!"

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