Rice-duck farming

Kyo-no-kiwami, which is the rice that is sold at our shop and used for our featured food menu "raw amazake" , is produced in a special way In rich natural surroundings, at Fukuchiyama, Kyoto.

That way is called "rice-duck farming" where ducks play a crucial role in raising rice plants in rice paddy.

To make it short, ducks released in a rice paddy catch and eat insects that harm rice plants and their excreta become nutrition for the rice plants.

In addition, their playing in the paddy circulates the water and soil moderately, which makes the condition of the circumstance around rice plants better.

Ducks take so much work in here that there is no need to use agricultural chemical and chemical fertilizer.

Moreover,It is a reasonable and sad thing, but they even can contribute as duck meat.

It may sound to you that rice-duck farming is covered with full benefits thus far, but there are also many shortcomings in doing it.

The most biggest problem with doing rice-duck farming is about the cost.

The cost of nurturing ducks such as the cost of feeding them because the insects in the paddle are not enough for ducks, and the cost of making moderate temperature for them is not only. But also the cost of defending them is so expensive and it is a very demanding work.

Ducks are so weak animals that in rich natural surroundings, like in Fukuchiyama, they are easily preyed on by other animals including weasels, foxes, raccoon dogs.

Producers using the farming way have been trying to defend ducks in many ways, but such animals are smart enough to break into the cage and sometimes even electric fences.

The producer of "Kyo-no-kiwami" has been very struggling to guard the ducks as well, who have experienced many times his ducks getting attacked and even annihilated altogether.

Furthermore, compared to farming methods of using agricultural chemical and chemical fertilizer, it has a lower harvest.

Like these, since it requires much work and returns less, producers especially on a small scale who use this way seem very little in Japan.

However, the rice produced through such a enormous hassle is so valuable in terms of its safety and taste.

I recommend picking up this precious and delicious rice which is filled with the producer's enthusiastic passion and the ducks' work!

And more than anything, the rice sold now at our shop is the new rice harvested for the first time this year, so nothing could match this!

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