Cheesecake finally available

I've done!

The specially-made cheesecake has finally been available at our café from today.

It goes very well with coffee and tea.

Just a peace of the cake is 400 yen tax included.

It is a better deal if you choose a set menu with a cup of organic coffee or tea, which is 680 yen tax included.

If you want more and we have them in stock, we can offer a double cake set menu that includes two pieces of cake: chocolate and cheese, and a cup of organic coffee or tea at 950 yen tax included.

Limited quantity, so there is a time when we can't offer them.

We continue to try to make the cakes more and more special and tasty, changing the ingredients with other various good makers and controlling the amount of the seasonings or the like.

You can look forward to them!

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