Fine organic apples have arrived

Fine organic apples known as a highly popular brand apple "Ko-gyoku" have arrived from Takeshima organic fruit farm in South Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture, and been on sale in our shop.

This apple features sour taste and can be eaten deliciously with its peel.

It is also great for being used as a main ingredient in an apple pie and as a baked apple.

It is a good point that as it is made through organic farming, we can use almost all part of it, maybe except its seed.

Limited quantity, so please take care not to miss this chance!

Finally,the season of apples has come!

I've longed to come this season. I love apples!

By the way, you should eat food like vegetables and fruits in season when each shows up on the market naturally and traditionally.

I assume that there are reasons each vegetable and fruit has its season at each place, especially in Japan, where there are various climate patterns and four seasons.

Vegetables and fruits could have their special roles for human bodies.

For example, in a traditionally hot area, in summer season, certain vegetables in season have the function to cool down human bodies moderately by their bitterness when consumed, leading people there to maintain good conditions of their bodies.

Like that, curiously, foods in season have an aspect of being a great help to us living a healthy life.

The reason of it is not certain exactly, but my assumption would be that both our bodies and food like vegetables and fruits similarly try to adjust themselves to the surroundings of places where we and they live, which is a process that might be sometimes over a few or more generations, so under the same natural circumstances something like a correlation may be developed that helps us balance our selves there.

On the contrary, due to advances in technology, we have become able to eat food throughout a year that originally has its season, and have spoiled its beneficial points like bitterness for the reason it sells well without bitterness.

It could be easily imagined what will happen if one who are sensitive to the cold eats lots of food that has the function to cool human bodies in a cold winter season.

I think the distortions generated from these points have caused various strange diseases that has been seen very often these days in modern human bodies, because throughout human history there had never been such unnatural situations until recently.

As you understand more about your constitution and know functions each food has,

you will come to be able to make use of the functions for your health well, choosing food that has functions suitable and convenient for conditions of your constitution at every time.

These are the wisdom at first derived from the accumulations of experiences that our ancestors who lived where we live had, not from scientific experiments.

If you want to know more about these, feel free to come in and ask us, and we will tell you with enthusiasm!

So, in short, what I'd like to say here in the end is delicious apples in season are on sale at our shop!

Now that I've got many good apples, it may be not so long before I try to bake an apple pie!

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