One tip when having a cold

I previously talked about preventive actions here, and today, I'd like to introduce a desirable way for you to behave in unfortunately having a cold based on my experience.

Of coarse, the approaches can be different according to the severity of the symptoms, but with regard to common symptoms of a cold, fundamentally it is important that you should let your body focus only on contending against a cold by eliminating factors that can be burdens on your body.

There are many factors acting like that, and one of the most influential factors is consumption of energy in digesting food, which is likely to disturb the battle against a cold.

As such, you should rest your gastrointestinal system by not having unnecessary food there.

It is often said that you should eat to get nutrition to fight against a cold, but in the short term, you don't need to force yourself to have food when you are not hungry.

Let's take animals for an example. When they get sick or injured, they more likely stay one place almost without moving, having little or no food.

This action, of coarse, includes the purpose of avoiding being attacked by enemies, but also, most importantly, is for making their body focus on combating against sick or injury, I think, maybe.

I'm not saying you should not have anything when you are in sick.

Of coarse, you should eat if you feel hungry, but in that case, you should choose diets that are easy to digest and have abundant mineral, such as rice porridge with salted plums which has 18~20% of salinity concentration and is made in natural ways, with good salt that has a good mineral balance.

I used to get a cold easily very often.

To avoid sickness prevention is better, but there is nothing that is always perfect about health.

Unfortunately when you get a cold, you may want to try the above-mentioned tip.

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