Congratulations newlyweds!

Yesterday, throughout a day, I attended the wedding event of a friend of mine.

The groom and I have been good friends from high school days when we both belonged to a football club.

He strove to get strongly distinctive members to play together as a captain of our team.

Now that I've experienced various things in my life to here and have become able to see them in a wide range perspective to some extent, I firmly believe that without him being our captain, the team would have collapsed.

In a brilliantly fine autumn day, with two bright and warm smiles of newlyweds, being filled with a warm and nice atmosphere by the guests, the wedding ceremony held at Alt House in Glover Garden was awesome.

In the wedding reception, there were a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, great many smiles, and some tears filled with affection, which was also terrific.

After the reception, there were a few after parties.

I had so enjoyable a time there in talking with the newly married couple, old friends from my high school days and those who are friends of the gloom and the bride that when I came home was after midnight.

It was a very fulfilling day for me.

Congratulations newlyweds!

May your marriage bring you two ever-lasting happiness and joy.

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