Getting colder

It's been suddenly colder for the last couple of days in Nagasaki.

Although I had been wearing half-sleeved and short-pants for a long time maybe since May of this year, I had to change my clothes for seasonal ones the day before yesterday due to the coldness.

Under the conditions like this, you need to listen to your body sign more carefully and take more preventive action than usual for giving a help to your body because the body is having trouble adapting itself to the abrupt change in temperature.

As for me, the amount of my drinking cold drink is dropping to some extent from this cold temperature, which is a good thing for my body, but when I end up drinking some, I make it a rule to have some ginger pickled in vinegar sweetened by honey for warming my body.

Another preventive action I'm taking on is to eat a salted plum which has 18~20% of salinity concentration with a little honey every after taking a hot bath for discharging superfluous moisture from my body.

I hope this preventive action for my body works properly, and my body comes through this harsh change in temperature without getting cold or something.

Readers, please take care of yourself, too.

By the way, my muscle pain from the football match on last Sunday still remains.

Does this indicate I've become QUITE older?

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