Featured food at our café

Although I've been talking only about cake these days, featured food at our café is actually "raw amazake".

Amazake is a traditional Japanese fermented rice drink, which is sweet and most likely liquid.

Our amazake is, however, not liquid but a kind of food which has a soft texture.

This is made from rice-malt and unpolished rice.

We add a couple kinds of beans and some millet there and have all the ingredients fermented.

Its flavor is so sweet despite being without adding any kind of sweetness like sugar, and it is easy to be digested, so very kind to your gastrointestinal tract as well.

Moreover, It is nutritious, and therefore having it is recommended especially in summer season, when gastrointestinal function is likely to have a problem.

In our café, it is served with yogurt because a combination between sweetness and sourness becomes a great harmony in this way.

Since our shop opened, our amazake has been a favorite featured food among our customers. There are some customers taking it regularly and even little children saying "I'm a big fan of it!", and I always like to hear that. It has no alcohol, so anybody can eat and taste it.

We are sooooo happy the number of those people has been increasing.

Oh, there is one more important advertising information I've forgot to inform about our amazake😁. These are strictly our customers' impressions about it, "My skin condition is getting better than usual", "My bowel movement has been improved!". To reiterate, above-comments are just a impression by the individual😆.

Featured food at our café, have a try!

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