I never imagined I would try to bake a cake, but I'm now really enjoying it.

The main philosophy of our café is to offer customers safer and yet tasty food and drink.

"Safer" here has various meanings: additive-free, pesticide-free, chemical-fertilizer-free, natural, not-unnatural, etc.

What we put most emphasis on here is seasonings, especially salt and sugar.

They must be "naturally" made, in other words, must have naturally balanced components, which is very important for our body to stay in shape.

It's a long story to explain this in detail, so maybe we should put off it some other time.

If you come to visit our shop, then we will be happy to explain it fully in JAPANESE😋.

Oh, one important thing to explain about our philosophy remains, which is that as often as you can, you should choose ingredients that is included in your diets according to seasons and your current constitution.

Anyway, as we choose the ingredients carefully used in our café menu based on such philosophy, without putting much stress on your body, your mind will be satisfied with our tasty foods and drinks.

Cheese cake and chocolate cake, which we are now making, are easy to reflect the change we aim to add to the taste, so It's rewarding and too much fun.

We would like to offer a special cake with the feedback of our customers taken, keeping the price unchanged🤣.

When we get pesticide-free apples sometime soon, we could make an apple pie.

Another wonderful trial!

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Tel: (095)- 894 - 1690

Fax: (095)- 894 - 1690


営業時間:  10:00 - 19:00

​定休日: 日・祝日、月曜





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