Before making things your practice

Now I'm seriously planning to put taking a nap into my practice.

Well, things must be customized before you make them your actual practice.

We humans have different genetic codes, different eating histories, different surrounding backgrounds.

As such, a constitution each has as a result of such causes is also naturally diverse.

Even in one's history, at each point, the constitution can be greatly different.

Under such circumstances, how could other people possibly understand your constitution exactly, despite the fact that even you can't understand your own constitution enough.

What I mean to say is that there are practices perfectly suitable to you in each field at each time, and only you are the most good at ascertaining the suitability of those.

Therefore, the most important thing here is to face your own body.

What you feel and how your body feel to certain things are not necessarily the same.

There is a time when you think you are OK with something but your body respond it otherwise: sometimes showing obvious rejection to it, making your stomach have an ache or the like.

It is Facing your body and paying attention to the signs it gives that is needed in trying to make something new to you your practice.

In other words, in such situation, you should watch and feel your body objectively.

And then, you should make what your body feel is the most suitable your new practice, which is not necessarily what you think is the best.

The gap generated from this respect between mind and body can be fatal for keeping on practicing and for getting better outcome.

Your body always know the answer and send the message to you in many ways.

To sum up, All you have to do to get the answer is a trial-and-error-and-recording objectively.

This process coming first is essential.

Well then, I wonder what styles of taking a nap agree with me!

OK, let's try!

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