My recent practices

I recently make a habit of shouting English words including a certain sound in their spelling to develop my pronunciation skill.

I particularly put emphases on differentiating "L and R","M and N" and "B and V".

As I find time, I scream loudly: " R-R-R-Recognize!","Room,Loom!","Boat,Vote!" "Temporarily!" and so forth, of coarse, where there is no one around me.

I have to brake my bad pronunciation block and build the correct sense!

Another practice I've been keeping is do some chinning exercises every 3 to 4 days since I bought a chinning machine. I have to keep on doing that, or it would be degraded to just a laundry pole very soon!

Since I've made it a rule to do some chinning for a certain time, I am now able to maintain my muscle easily in a little exercise, which is very convenient. I wish the maintenance of English skills could be as easy to practice as this!

Oh, there is one thing in my training practice I'd like to recommend to you: the elbow plank exercise. Doing it everyday Only 30 seconds a day will make you stay in shape. A few tips I can give for you to keep on doing these training practices are that you should take it easy or rest when you have any bad body condition, and when you are in good shape you should tackle them a little bit more enthusiastically and increase the number of their times or counts than usual.

From this view point, it is important increasing the time of being good condition to make further progress. Health comes first!

With these practices, I've been having a good time recently.

What's the next practice? Taking a nap sounds interesting.

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