Repeatedly reading the same books

Recently, I've been reading the same books repeatedly that I've already finished reading precisely. The levels of the books range from what I can understand easily in one glance to what I need to do precise reading, paying attention to grammar and sentence structure carefully, but not what has many unfamiliar words.

This is for making my reading and understanding speed higher, which means improving my response to English.

Although I think I need to do so, before building difficult vocabulary, for realizing that I can tell people what I want to say precisely to some extent, and I feel I've been becoming able to do that gradually, I still sometimes feel some anxiety about this process practically and successfully making me reach that stage.

When I feel so, I never fail to wonder whether I should spend the time spent on that part of studying on other processes such as building up vocabulary or touching various new sentences.

this is like some kind of temptation to me.

Well, still, it may be better for me now to stick to and focus on my repetitive reading, as long as I can feel any progress.

Maybe, the time to consider things like that would be better spent on one more repeat,

don't you think?

Yes! That will do for the time being! I'll enjoy the progress!

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