Encountering something special

I feel one of the benefits of learning English as a second language is you get more opportunities to encounter something special to you.

These days, I've been listening to a famous rock band music for cultivating my English skills. I chose to listen to that band for no special reason, and now appreciate this chance and informative encounter.

Not only have it taught me English skills, but also brought awareness, re-recognition and reaffirmation about various things to me such as, differences and similarities between cultures, lives, values, notions, or perspectives.

I've thought in my life so far human's nature in general does not change that much and history often repeats itself in the part of essence. Although the form of distress and joyful may vary according to times or cultures due to the respective means surrounding people at that time or in that culture, the essence of them are still unchanged as humans have always lived among humans in whatever environments.

I think so, therefore I've loved having contact with history, which I think gives a chance to touch and feel a part of human activities under certain circumstances including thoughts, and actions, from which we can get something like tips to survive and enjoy the present.

This time in the encounter with QUEEN, a British rock band, I've been feeling the same way so strongly that I've got some kind of impact and contentment right now. I've never felt that various feelings from one song ,whose title is "The Show Must Go On".

I was also surprised later by the fact that I had already heard the song in the final episode of my favorite Japanese period drama entitled "Gokenin-Zankuro".

Sometimes When I experience such a thing, I feel there is something like "En" in one's life.

Anyway, this encounter had an enough power to make me realize again that learning English broaden my horizons intensively.

At present, what I can feel in encounters may be so small, but the more familiar I become with English, the more tips and feelings I could get from them.

I'm thrilled and can't wait to get such opportunities, encounter and feel numerous things more deeply and sensitively from now on through learning English !

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